Hotel Wailea Book

Hotel Wailea Book

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Join acclaimed local journalist Malia Mattoch as she explores Hotel Wailea’s intriguing past and plunges into the present of this effortlessly glamorous escape. With page after page of original photography, this book captures the essence and style that make this hidden boutique hotel a home away from home for the in-crowd, celebrities and anyone else looking for a touch of Maui without the endless crowds.

Hotel Wailea began as a mysterious property with a mischievous past. Originally constructed in the 1980s as a member club called the Diamond, it had the ocean at its feet, Maui’s dormant Haleakalā volcano at its back and intrigue at its core. McManus saw the possibility of creating something new: a tropical luxury village rather than a single high-rise building typical of neighboring properties. “The prevailing thought process coming off a plane to do a hotel in Hawaii is that everything has to be centered on the beach,” says McManus. “Typically, locals in Hawaii know that living on the beach is a less than private experience, especially when you compare it to seaside locations in Europe, where it’s about the ocean views, a sense of privacy and service.”

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